Areas of Practice:

As a law firm that provides various legal services, we have a strong sense of pride and as result strive for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. For each client, we aim to provide the utmost care to their specific needs and circumstances. With the client as the main focus, the Law Office of Dimitri Smirnov, PC endeavors to help each client through the tough times with a unique approach to resolving their matters.  As a result, we are with them every step of the way, regardless of the help they need. 

Family Law

Whether it's a divorce or a child custody matter, family matters can be intense and heart-breaking at times, but a steady hand along the way is what helps get you through to the end.  The Law Office of Dimitri Smirnov can provide that steady hand that you need to get through these times. 

Landlord-Tenant Law

Do you any rental properties but cannot get rid of your tenants who are not paying rent? Did you buy a property at a foreclosure sale and cannot get rid of the occupants? Need to fight an unlawful eviction? The Law Offices of Dimitri Smirnov can help with any of these needs!

Contract Law

The Law Office of Dimitri Smirnov can review contracts for you and even help you negotiate better terms on your behalf.  The firm can also assist you in the case when the contract is breached or not fulfilled. This firm can help answer your contractual questions and concerns. 


​​​Let the Law Offices of Dimitri Smirnov get you those dollars that are owed to you.  With the unique experience of having been in the collections industry for many years, Mr. Smirnov knows how to get others to pay his clients what they're due.  Let him do the same for you!

Traffic Violations

Need assistance getting points off your drivers licence or arguing a traffic ticket. The Law Offices of Dimitri Smirnov will assist you in these matters. Whether you are at fault or not. 

Civil Matters

The Law Offices of Dimitri Smirnov can assist you in a variety of civil matters including litigation. Whether you are a homeowner whose contractor has not finished the work he was hired to do or a prospective business looking to open its doors for the first time, we are here to help!