Changing the way lawyers do business...

One of the biggest complaints clients have about their attorneys is a lack of communication.  Unfortunately this lack of communication has become a black eye of sorts on the legal field.

Here is how the Law Offices of Dimitri Smirnov is changing this very pressing issue...

The Law Offices of Dimitri Smirnov, PC has chosen to change this stereotype by answering EVERY SINGLE CALL that comes into the office.  In the event that we cannot answer the phone when you call, it is our PROMISE that we will return your call within 24 hours.  The same promise extends to emails or other types of communication.  Ultimately, it's important that you, our clients, are treated with respect and dignity.   Without you, we wouldn't even be here.  So whatever your legal needs are, we're here to help.  You have our word on it.  We're only a phone call away... 

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